5By establishing an email marketing campaign with Global Digital Revenue, you can expand your potential reach to millions of consumers. Global Digital Revenue Emailing Marketing is the easy, effective and affordable way to keep your audience coming back. Our email marketing campaigns will generate results in less than 48 hours.

You devote a lot of time and effort into your creative process, and it should be managed with the same commitment. We believe that communicating with consumers is the most essential part of any business, and should be handled with care in the email space.

Delivering the right message to the right consumer is an integral part of every successful direct email marketing campaign. Global Digital Revenue gives you the tools to treat each consumer as an individual, delivering effective, personalized email marketing communication without the time consuming demands on your creative process.


6Here’s what Global Digital Revenue Email Marketing can offer your campaign:
  • A State of the Art Tracking System: Global Digital Revenue works with both advertisers and publishers to ensure the optimum campaign setup, implementation and deployment that will generate the best results for your campaign. Our tracking technology continually tracks, analyzes and optimizes your campaign’s ROI with accuracy, ensuring that you only pay for valid leads.
  • Increased Reach: Global Digital Revenue provides increased distribution without having to purchase Internet traffic in advance. Expand your reach to millions of users who have opted-in to receive email marketing communications through our extensive publisher network.
  • Proprietary Targeting Technology: Global Digital Revenue technology has been developed from over a decade of experience and expertise, and is constantly being improved. Dynamic reports by date, traffic source, etc. allow us to target your offer to consumers who are most likely to respond, while our tight quality controls improve campaign management and strategic planning.
  • Cutting Edge Media Management: Global Digital Revenue provides thorough customer service, consulting and technical management for your campaign needs. It is our standard to optimize response with testing of your email communication, constantly driving actions for your product or service and gaining more visibility for your brand.
Advertiser Benefits:
  • Our entire email database was collected on websites we manage. This gives us more demographic profile information on each user and ensures that all of our email data is 100% opt-in.
  • We are white listed with major ISP’s. This ensures your message reaches the consumer.
  • Multi language capabilities.
  • Purchase options on a CPM or performance based (CPL, CPC, CPA) business model.
  • We have staff monitoring our traffic all day, and we work hard to deliver the performance that you want and expect, taking every measure to ensure that your brand is not negatively impacted by fraudulent affiliates, spyware, SPAM or any other unethical marketing tactics.
We do all of the work, and you pay only when we produce results! Click here  to contact us and start a campaign today.